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Art. 115

MA Thesis in Photography.

This thesis dealt with the representation of the end of life within Swiss right-to-die associations, revolving around the concept of "choice". The first part outlined the current state of the art in regard to the laws that regulate assisted suicide and/or euthanasia around the world, with particular emphasis on the Swiss system, and the way the issue is represented in the media. The second part traced an anthropological profile of the practices and rituals employed by society when dealing with imminent death, how they have shifted through the centuries and ultimately how the subject matter has been portrayed in photography. The third part focused mainly on how the codes within documentary photography itself have changed, and questioned whether this form could be a viable way of representing the subject matter at hand.

Art. 115 is the ensuing practical part, presented in order to obtain a Master's Degree in Photography. It consists of a series of 7 images accompanied by texts (plus one introductory panel) — based on facts and figures, media reports and direct quotes — that retrace the evolution of the right-to-die actors and laws in Switzerland.

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